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Jace Knox, LMT

License # 20606

I began my formal training in manual medicine through my work with the North American Tang Shou Tao Association. My education began with the study of  internal martial arts – or Neijia Gong Fu – which then brought me into the study and practice of Jin Shou Tuina, CranioSacral and Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage.


For years I have trained under my primary instructor, Sean Orlando, and practiced our medicine on fellow students, friends and family until I decided it was time to take the work further. I chose to branch off from my decade-long profession of carpentry and building and go back to school. I enrolled in East West College in my home of Portland, Oregon and after a year and a half of formal education I graduated, was licensed and began my practice as an LMT.


I continue to practice Jin Shou Tuina, CranioSacral and elements of Thai Massage but have also incorporated exercise therapy as well as techniques inspired by Structural Integration and myofascial manipulation into my work. It is my intention to combine these tools into an adaptive, efficient and multi-faceted approach to treatment incorporating the structural and subtle elements of the body to achieve holistic health and well-being.


My private practice, Guiding Hand Manual Medicine, currently resides under the roof of Inspire Wellness clinic in Portland, Oregon.

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