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A word at the beginning.

17 Sep A word at the beginning.

This has all been in the works for years. Studying, training, pushing through. I never would have dreamed in my earlier years I would give so much of my days to the pursuit of study, gong fu and medicine but it has filled my life and transformed me at my very core. I give thanks every day for the opportunities I’ve been afforded and for the chance to engage in such a way with the world around me – to complete the circuit.

I believe these skills and this practice are precious in that they give us an opportunity to utilize our resources, our abilities, and all the energy invested in us in our lifetimes and feed back into the greater loop. There are few other ways in which we can appropriately repay the debts incurred in living a life. We give pieces of ourselves to service. We make ourselves to be stewards. Not to make ourselves a sacrifice but to honor those who carried us along the way: our family, our friends, our mentors and teachers…our lineage. To bring balance to the give and take that is being alive.

I give thanks for the opportunity to participate in such a practice and to have had so many support me in my meanderings over the years so that I may end up here, writing these words, working with these hands, this body, this mind to bring medicine to those seeking medicine. To put something back in.

I’ll be taking time as time allows to share thoughts, ideas, experiences and the like here. It is my intention that this be a resource for those interested in knowing more about the practice of gong fu, or life work, as I have experienced it. This body of knowledge contains much: spirituality, philosophy, movement and healing arts. It’s not mine, but I hold and cherish some piece of it. It is my intention to carry that piece with me and tend it to the best of my ability. When the time is right I’ll pass what I hold and have gleaned to other students who wish to walk that long and dirty path and pass on the lineage that passes through me, my teachers before me and their teachers before them. And so it goes.

If writing these thoughts aids in that purpose even in the slightest it is worth the time. I hope there is a little something here you find worth your time.

Always feel free to contact me. Ask questions. Share thoughts. Be in touch.


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